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Users can make their learning more focused by navigating between categories and units at each language proficiency level. They can review their personal statistics through the application, including details such as the number of correct and incorrect answers, speed, and daily learning duration. As users achieve success and meet learning goals, they earn rewards and medals. Users have the flexibility to set daily goals, determining the progress they aim to achieve within a specific time frame. Additionally, they can compare themselves to other users and engage in friendly competition through the community leaderboard within the application.

WordLock, making language learning anything but dull and challenging, inspires user motivation and continual improvement. With its user-friendly interface, interactive game structure, and bidirectional language learning features, WordLock stands poised to become an indispensable companion for every student preparing for language exams.


WordLock, a mobile application, transforms language learning into a fun, effective, and bidirectional experience. Specifically designed for students preparing for various language exams from Turkish to English and English to Turkish, WordLock offers a unique approach to enhance grammar and vocabulary.

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    Kasım 20, 2021


    Mefox Software

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