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Kütüphanem software is presented as an application developed for modern library management! With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Kütüphanem aims to maximize the efficiency of students and researchers in their library experience.

Key Features:

Visit Duration Management: Calculates the time users spend in the library and provides the opportunity to take breaks at regular intervals, ensuring more effective study sessions.
Table Assignment Processes: Offers users the ability to occupy tables in their desired category through the mobile application, minimizing library traffic and providing a chance to use workspace more efficiently.
Kiosk Break Processes: Allows users to take breaks through the kiosk in the library. Users exceeding the break time are denied entry for a specified period, increasing discipline within the library.
Mobile Application: Users can view materials in the library, take breaks, track break times, and review their past visits through the mobile application.
Koha Integration: Kütüphanem stands out with cross-platform compatibility thanks to Koha integration. This integration seamlessly manages library operations such as catalog management, borrowing/returning processes, and user information.


Minimizes library traffic, providing the opportunity to use workspaces more effectively. Ensures more efficient study sessions by organizing users’ visit durations. Facilitates quick and easy table assignment processes through the mobile application. Provides comprehensive library management with Koha integration.


Kütüphanem software is designed to provide a more effective and efficient library experience in the fields of education and research. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and cross-platform integration, Kütüphanem sets the new standards for modern library management.

  • Date

    Aralık 15, 2023


    Koha, Flutter, Appwrite, Cross Platform, Web App, Kiosk, Pass Control


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