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It provides users with the opportunity to record fuel consumption and carbon emissions with each refueling. By adopting environmentally friendly driving habits, it helps reduce your carbon footprint. You have the chance to analyze your driving habits by tracking the distance you travel on a monthly and yearly basis. It offers the possibility to evaluate your driving performance with total distance traveled, average speed, and various other statistics. The feature of recording the amount of fuel consumed and associated costs with each drive helps you keep your budget under control. It allows for cost analysis based on different fuel prices. You can track your car’s maintenance dates, the maintenance performed, and the expenses incurred for these maintenance tasks. It helps you remember periodic maintenance and supports the longevity of your vehicle.

Ridelog is an application with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users of all levels to navigate comfortably while securely storing your personal data. Download Ridelog now to optimize your driving experience and easily keep track of all data related to your vehicle. Take a step towards a more conscious and economical driving experience!


Ridelog, designed for car owners, is a comprehensive car logging application that helps enhance and optimize your driving experiences. This intelligent application allows users to record details of each drive, enabling them to have both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective driving experience.

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    Ekim 10, 2023




    Mefox Software

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