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Waiters can easily add orders, transmit them to the kitchen, and generate checks using tablets and mobile devices. This speeds up the order process and minimizes communication errors. The meals transmitted to the kitchen by waiters are processed, cooked, and upon completion, confirmed, providing information to waiters. This strengthens coordination between the kitchen and service. Cash register operations such as check generation, product cancellation, discounts, and closing accounts can be easily performed. Additionally, financial transactions, invoice creation, and official check processes are integral parts of the system.

Redisyon offers an innovative solution to restaurant businesses, aiding them in optimizing operational processes and increasing customer satisfaction. Its cloud-based structure ensures secure and swift data management, enabling businesses to become more competitive and sustainable.


Redisyon is a comprehensive software solution that effectively assists restaurant businesses in managing accounting, inventory, sales, and order processes. This fully cloud-based system provides restaurant owners and their staff the opportunity to manage daily operations more quickly, systematically, and efficiently.

  • Date

    Aralık 20, 2022


    Flutter, Google Firebase, Cross Platform


    Mefox Software

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